See Zabaykalsky Krai.

Historical Dictionary of the Russian Federation. . 2010.

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  • Buryatiya, Republic of —    An ethnic republic of the Russian Federation. Modern Buryatiya once comprised part of the larger Buryat Mongolian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1937, several districts were excluded from the region, and reformed as the Aga district… …   Historical Dictionary of the Russian Federation

  • Zabaykalsky Krai —    / Trans Baykal Krai    An administrative province of the Russian Federation. Zabaykalsky Krai is part of the Siberian Federal District and the East Siberia Economic Region. It covers an area of 431,500 square kilometers, making it the 10th… …   Historical Dictionary of the Russian Federation

  • Buryats —    Ethnic group. Buryats, or Buryaad, are the largest minority nationality in Siberia, numbering nearly 450,000. While the majority of Buryats reside in the Republic of Buryatiya, they also live in the Irkutsk Oblast and Zabaykalsky Krai… …   Historical Dictionary of the Russian Federation

  • Autonomous Okrug — (AOk)    Political subdivision of the Russian Federation. Known as national okrugs until 1977, the Autonomous Okrugs are federal subjects of the Russian Federation that are, in most cases, simultaneously subordinated to another federal subject.… …   Historical Dictionary of the Russian Federation

  • Okrug —    Usually translated as “district,” an okrug is an administrative division in the Russian Federation. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, a number of autonomous okrugs were downgraded to okrugs within their corresponding federal subjects …   Historical Dictionary of the Russian Federation

  • Buryatia — For other uses of Buryatia , see Buryatia (disambiguation). Republic of Buryatia Республика Бурятия (Russian) Буряад Республика (Buryat)   Republic   …   Wikipedia

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